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Virgilio Forchiassin - the author

"What excite me the most is taking into account and deeply analyze the natural elements found in my works: the air, the water, the fire, the ground and the sky. They are at the core of it and bring most of the inspiration: they help build strong and endearing emotions"

A professional Designer in the past, eclectic by nature, Virgilio Forchiassin focused his efforts in searching for new design solutions and technical approach to apply to new ideas.

 Devoted to new art languages since 2008, focuses on a new pictorial approach that rely no more on traditional means (oil, acrylic, watercolours, chalk, poster paint).

Now heat become brush, color is the result of "Alchemie e Lacerazioni" ("Alchemy and Suffering") through the result of smooth color morphing, blending different materials through a controlled approach.

Using different and unusual material, with balanced combinations Virgilio achieved a new way of expression for art.

An introduction by Marta Mauro (Italian only)
An introduction by Giselda Paulon (Italian only)